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La Suisse vue des États-Unis

Qui arrêtera Calmy-Rey? Ce cri du coeur est celui du rédacteur du chef et éditeur de la Weltwoche, Roger Köppel. La version allemande de son développement n’est accessible qu’aux abonnés, mais je viens de découvrir qu’elle a été traduite en anglais pour rien moins que le Wall Street Journal – ça méritait un mot, et quelques extraits, for the record:

The embarrassing low point in a chain of clumsy gestures and mistakes was Ms. Calmy-Rey’s recent appearance in Tehran, where she was photographed, smiling and wearing a headscarf, with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (…)

It is wrong to see the minister’s lapses as the result of a clever master plan. The reality is more banal and more dangerous. Ms. Calmy-Rey acts by instinct, erratically, emotionally, without any strategic framework. What she argues today with the greatest sincerity is no longer of interest tomorrow. The aim is not lasting effectiveness, but media effect. (…)

It was only logical then that Ms. Calmy-Rey would recommend the old socialist Jean Ziegler, of all people, as a human rights adviser to the United Nations. The controversial co-founder of the “Moammar Gadhafi Human Rights Prize” is a friend of Fidel Castro and an advocate of Hugo Chávez and naturally an unmerciful critic of “American imperialism” and Israel. Switzerland was also the only European country to vote in favor of last month’s one-sided anti-Israel resolution at the U.N. Human Rights Council. Ms. Calmy-Rey has a natural talent for alienating Switzerland’s most reliable partners.

Et de rappeler à peu près ceci, avant de conclure:

The problem is that Ms. Calmy-Rey is forcing a foreign policy role on Switzerland that the small country cannot and should not play. This new, wrong-headed visibility harms Switzerland and causes international confusion. The very fact that Swiss foreign policy has become an issue at all is evidence enough that Ms. Calmy-Rey must be stopped.

Qu’on se rassure: on sait aussi apprécier la Suisse aux États-Unis:

In reality, the Swiss have produced a remarkable success story that goes far beyond the signature tourist products they are known for: chocolates, watches, and knives. They have one of the world’s most stable economies, a skilled workforce, internationally recognized export companies, a sound currency, and renowned banking and financial services. All this is combined with remarkable social harmony, given that Switzerland has four national languages and great religious diversity. (…)

In 2005, The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked the “quality of life” in 111 countries and found Switzerland a stellar achiever in the nine factors of its index: material well-being, health, political stability, both family and community life, climate, job security, political freedom, and gender equality. Indeed, when ranking “human misery” among all countries, Switzerland ranked at the very bottom.

When it comes to competitiveness—the set of policies and institutions that determine a country’s productivity—Switzerland ranks second among all countries according to the latest report of the World Economic Forum, funded by 1,000 of the world’s leading corporations. It is bested only by the United States. (…)

It wasn’t always so. For much of its history, Switzerland was a backward society of farmers and tradespeople. It had scant natural resources and was so poor that many of its young people emigrated to America in order to make a living (Albert Gallatin, Thomas Jefferson’s treasury secretary, and John Sutter, who set off California’s Gold Rush, were two notable examples). Just a century ago, Switzerland was much poorer than Argentina. 

Today, Switzerland looms much larger in the world economy than its small size and  population of only 7.5 million people would lead one to guess. Its passion for quality has raised global standards worldwide in fields from pharmaceuticals to biotechnology to medical devices. It ranks among the top 20 global exporters. When only services are considered, Switzerland ranks among the top 12 exporters. (…)

Mais qui arrêtera Calmy-Rey?

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